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Hello, my beautiful aquarians.

Welcome to your weekly reading weekly energies.

This is for the second week in July General energy, loves take it or leave it.

And you know, it's, very very important to connect with whatever you feel you are connecting.

And of course, leave what you do not because sometimes these energies are very very strongly speaking to you to whatever you are dealing with.

And sometimes it doesn't make too much sense out there.

Little loves second week in July.

What are those predictions? What are those things to look up to? And of course, what else we have for you sun? Moon, rising, signs and Venus, all right there's a lot of things up into your head, nine of Swords.

Either you are worried about something either you are thinking of something what's going on loves could be family could be money could be about a specific person Queen of Pentacles for some of you could be about your work, two of swords there's, definitely here something you you want to, but you feel like you can do or I'll, wait a little longer or I will take more time for some of you.

You are connecting here with an earth science Taurus Capricorn whatever situation it's here.

But let's see.

The first card, we have King Of Wands hierophant Knight of Wands and Six of Swords okay.

So definitely here the only major Arcana.

We have the hierophant, what makes me grounded stable comedian there's.

Also something.

Here about tradition either.

You are not traditional either.

You are want to be in that energy.

We do have swords we don't have any cups here caps is like the emotion swords it's in your mind there's something here mind related energy here also for some of you of course you might choose between building your own life or be working or doing things yourself or be employed or something like that, it's, just kind of like from an extreme to another the Six of Swords, two of cups.

Knight of Swords, four of Pentacles, eight of swords, Pentacles, yes.

So look at this king and queen of Pentagon.

Something here, definitely doesn't work any longer or certain things here.


Doesn't work any longer the way or you don't want to work any longer either you don't want to either you are not want to get into the Knight of Wands.

We have the empress.

We have the Ten of Wands, and we have the Page of Cups like certain things.

Here certainly doesn't work any longer or the way we used to do the things doesn't work.

Any longer we have the full here.

Yes was the nine of Swords here.

It's, like you think like what all of this will go through the nine of Swords Three of Wands, four of Swords, another swords Knight of Pentacles it's, like you take your time, or you want to take your time, or you want to to go in a certain way.

But now you don't really feel like so, or you don't, really think that will go the two of swords Six of Pentacles Two of Pentacles, nine of Wands magician, seven of swords strength is just kind of like I, I don't want to be a choice or I don't want to be put in a a place with many other things.

We have three nights.

The only night is missing is Knight of Cups it's like I need a real deal.

Not just certain things that are maybe babies King, Of, Wands world, three of Pentacles, three of swords and King of Swords.


So there's, something here very hard to let go or you don't want to let it go.

Whatever that is whoever that is.

But something here really tells you with the world it's done can't be fixed or cannot go through to the distance.

We have Three of Wands through a source, three of Pentacles.

The three of cups is missing there's something here that definitely speaks of that certain things here seem in a way, but there's a very different way.

So if you loves let's say that you you want to be here with someone, and they choose someone else above you, or they had other options, like let them narrow their options, there's something here like as hard as might be or as hard as you worked a lot on something don't lower Yourself by any means or don't, let yourself to get the Lila for how you much you put it's kind of a New Journey is there for you.

So no matter here is don't, accept less than watch you deserve all right loans.

It's, kind of like the wait is over you waited enough.

You've been patient enough, let's say, one more message out there for you what ends for Aquarius Queen of Wands, eight of Pentacles page of funds of cups and five of Wands.

So what I'm seeing here loves there is something here really tells you that there is an energy that is there for you and it's coming and it's coming all what you need to do is to move forward.

All what you need to do is to move forward.

Yes, absolutely keep moving forward lungs, don't, stop.

What advice we have for.

You loves what advice we have for accordions Queen of Swords Knight of Cups, seven of Wands.

And this is the three of cups, and we have a tower underneath.

So there is a whole new Foundation build up for you.

If something here breaks down hold on, because there is a a better, a sturdier energy comes in and looks much better from any angle.

If you look at it, so go ahead loves it's, your decision, it's your decision.

So Aquarius, definitely here are there is that energy that you are look for it's on the way.

You know, there is a saying what what you seek is seeking you with the hidden blessings.

So you will see it or you will recognize protected by Angels.

You are cherished by the Angels.

You have spirits that are guiding.

You pay attention to the guidance, get ready for New.

Horizons, definitely as I say, whatever comes to you it's, much stronger than you thought will ever be reaching your destination.

Your light is shining brightly.

And you stand in the light of Truth, you know, clearly, what's good for you and beneath the surface lays gray bounty, certain things here might not make sense to you come back to this video.

When certain things are start to show me up and I feel like, oh now I know why a certain person is gone or why certain situation needed to go away? Why certain things I needed to close, definitely there's certain things here are not showing obviously to you, but will in the meantime.

And of course, you have a great week ahead and definitely I'll see all of you next time.


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