The Knight of Wands personality traits | (Learn how to read Tarot Court Cards series.) (2023)


This is a Tarot guild to the Knight of Wands.

In this beginner friendly free Tarot course series, Learn the court card personalities. I will be sharing with you my insights to how the 16 Tarot court cards would come across if they were a; living, breathing, talking person.

This video will go over how the King of Wands would come across as in feeling of love. What might their reversed or shadow aspect of their personality be like. What they would dress like, what kind of a job they would hold and how they relate to their friends.

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The Wisdom of Psychopaths.
It Was not an E-book, it was an Audiobook I was talking about.

Interview with a Sociopath, (P.S Sociopath is not actually considered a correct technical term anymore.)


Hello, my name is tazzy.

This is the very last episode of the court cards as real people.

If you would like to see the rest of this series I'm going to link it down below, basically, I talk about each card as if they were a real person, what their personality would be like what their faults what their traits what their interests.

What would they be like as a lover, etc.

And the very last card I've got to do is the night of wands as you can see during the course of my videos being made.

My background is getting sexier and sexier by the minute.

I make videos about self-love, self-care tarot and all that good.

So if you're interested in that kind of stuff, subscribe like and comment down below, if you agree or disagree with anything, I say or just like to add something else into the conversation we're all here to learn from each other, and you can never stop learning.

You're always evolving.

The knight of wands is the most fun call card in the whole deck.

In my opinion, he is going to be the most vibrant fun.

Exciting lively person that you can possibly get.

Now I think that the knight of wands has got quite a lot of bad traits to him.

So I do just want to disclaim that if you're doing a reading for somebody, and somebody seems to pop up as the knight of ones.

You must always remember that no person is one court card entirely.

If we were to say like explain ourselves as a call card we're, probably going to be a mixture between three four five or even six court cards because people are very diverse, and they are never one thing.

But I am talking about the knight of ones as if he was his personality was solely his cards and his keywords.

So like I said, the knight of wands is going to be the funnest court card that there is in the whole deck he's going to make you feel alive.

He's, exuberant he's exciting.

He is pure fire.

He is pure passion, and he is pure energy, he's going to have a very magnetic personality.

So people are going to be very drawn to him.

And if you know somebody like him, he's going to be a very popular kind of person, he is a, oh I'm also calling him.

He he can be a she.

But for the sake of this video I'm, calling him, he he is going to be somebody who is very motivated and always wanting to be doing something new.

He has got a very charming and charismatic personality.

And he is a chameleon.

He can be anything that anybody needs him to be.

And he does use this to his advantage if he wants to get to know you for whatever reason and I'll talk about how he usually has an ulterior motive in a minute.

But if he hasn't, if he has a motive, and he wants to get to know you, he will find out what you like, and he will pretend that's what he likes as well.

He will be anything can do anything you need.

He yeah, he needs to be to you.

The knight of wands is kind of like a cat on a hot tin roof.

If you've ever heard that expression, I don't know if that's an english expression or if it's a worldwide one, but he he can't, sit still.

He always has to be doing something.

He always has to be going somewhere to be still.

And stagnant is not it's, not his bag.

He literally physically can't.

Do it the knight of wands? If you've watched my previous video, the knight of pentacles, he is like the opposite.

He is the polar opposite to the knight of pentacles.

The knight of wands has always got a new hobby, he's always moving around he's, always trying different things out.

Because the knight of wands has always got something to do and he's always got his eye on a prize.

And that prize usually does change so he'll be running in one direction.

And then he'll see something shinier on the corner.

So he'll of that, his, um gaze and he'll go somewhere else.

He is not as focused as the knight of swords would be.

If you see in the knight of swords card.

The knight of swords is very focused, the knight of wands, uh can definitely have his focus changed.

He is always just going to be chasing after the most rewarding, the most gratifying and instant gratification that he can get.

His goal is to conquer defeat dominate, um be part of own whatever it is that he's looking to do and then he's going to slap dash finish it up, put a pretty bow on it and move on he's, not going to stick around because there's always something more exciting for him to be doing.

So this is very much.

What I'm about to say now is very much.

My own personal opinion.


I have researched extensively extensively into sociopaths and psychopaths and serial killers.

And so I know a lot about them and don't, ask me, why? Um, but because I have done so much research onto them looking at the words on the knight of wands, he displays a lot of these traits.

I might even go as far to say as narcissism, but I'm I'm, more inclined to say, he's, sociopathic and psychopathic and I'm gonna put an e-book down below, um that I think if you're interested in like human behavior, you should listen to and it's like the benefits of being a psychopath.

And when I say, psychopath and sociopath, they are not always bad people.

In fact, we do need them in society.

They are not a uh.

Some of them are definitely a burden on society.

And we should not.

They should be locked up.

But a lot of psychopaths and sociopaths are perfectly functioning, uh, well in our society.

And we do actually need them.

And I do think it.

Maybe in a reading, if somebody was having a bad time with somebody, and they got the devil card and the knight of wands card together, um or the king of ones and like the knight of ones, maybe in reverse.

I would be inclined to think maybe they've got a personality disorder.

So the reason why I say this is because the united ones has no problem on stepping over people climbing climbing their way to the top of whatever ladder, they have no, um conscience on if they on other people when they're doing that, they will, um sabotage people, and they will have no remorse about that.

Because in their mind, they've got a goal and nothing's going to get in the way of it.

The knight of wands, almost always has an ulterior motive to whatever he does to people around him or himself.

I mean, don't, we all have ulterior motives, but his can be quite bad.

If he's doing something nice for you it's, probably because he you have something that he wants, um or you're, giving him some kind of gratification, whatever he does it's to move up a social ladder and a financial ladder or to give him pretty much instant gratification, the knight of wands by himself as a solitary card.

Like I said in the beginning of this as a solitary card.

He is not that deep he's, not very a deep person.

He is quite shallow.

And he likes trivial things.

He likes material things, um.

And if he does like any kind of philanthropy work as in charity work, he's, probably only doing that to make himself look better.

So he can benefit in some way so that's, what the not everyone's personality would be like now let's talk about what kind of jobs he would have.

So like I said, the knight of wands is a flashy guy.

He is concerned about looking good.

He wants to look good.

So he wants his job to make him look good.

He wants to have a job that like other people envy.

And he wants his job to make him.

Some serious bank.

He wants money.

He is very driven by money or status.

He is likely to be an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur for the sake of money and not so much for the sake of passion.

I believe that the court cards are an evolution of like one person.

So you'll get the page and then he'll turn into the night when he then evolves into the queen.

He is likely to find something that he's passionate about and work towards it.

And as he becomes the king he's, probably going to become like some kind of ceo, but for the moment, he's a knight, and he is exploring he's off on his merry way.

He wants to try the whole of what life has got to offer him, and that includes jobs, because we spend a lot of time in our job, and he wants to enjoy it.

And it has to it has to get him going.

It has to make him excited or otherwise he's just not going to do it.

The knight of wands is not going to want to stay stagnant for too long.

So if he isn't a job he's going to be wanting to to pursue promotion promotion after promotion after promotion after big, paychecks and commission, and if he's not getting that then he's just going to switch and move jobs and find something that, um will give that to him if there's no growth.

He is such a driven and passionate person.

He is just going to get bored sitting still doing the same thing and his talents are amazing.

He can sell really well.

And he can convince anybody to do anything he's very good at playing into people's, um emotions.

And his his talents are very valuable to corporations, and he would do well as for example, a salesperson, he likes competition if there's no competition, it's, no fun for him.

But if he loses his competition, he's likely to lose his rag, the knight of ones can be quite aggressive and hostile.

And I wouldn't say so much passive aggressive.

I think he'll straight up tell you if he thinks you're a dick, even though he's the one being a dick.

So what kind of professions would he do in this day and age he's likely to become one of those like super rich, tick, tockers or super rich, youtubers that do like lamborghini hauls or like, um, expensive ib for holiday things with all his mates, he's gonna be like, um on facebook.

You get those comedians, and they started off like really small a few years ago.

But now they've all got like super cars, brand new, nike trainers, all the time.

Some of them have got like only fans with their girlfriends and they're, just like dolls, all the time on their only fans and they're, just just getting paid to just do really fun things.

All the time.

The knight of wands is definitely going to pursue that that is definitely going to tickle his fancy, um so he's.

I don't know, if you guys remember like drop shipping, it was a really big thing.

If you wanted to get rich quick, you'd do drop shipping he's likely to do something like that he's likely to be into stock sales.

He would enjoy being a criminal defense lawyer, because you get paid a lot of money to be a criminal defense lawyer and it's a risk and it's a gamble, um to try and defend these people.

He would thrive in that kind of position or he's likely to be an athlete.

Or an I say like slm is that what they're called slm like pyramid kind of things.

Yeah, that's.

The kind of like professions, he would be drawn to so the knight of wands if he was your friend, or if he is your friend, or you've got a friend like this, because he is so vibrant fun and exciting.

You are going to have the best nights of your life with him like memorable nights, they're going to be just full of crazy things that you wouldn't.

Normally do with just like normal friends, he's, flamboyant, he's, extravagant, he's, going to buy everybody rounds of drinks because he's going to want to like look like the alpha male and buying loads of things or he's going to look flashy and he's going to be buying loads of drinks.

And you think he's going to be doing out the kindness of his harvest.

Probably it probably it might be it very well might be.

But a lot of it might be just like, you know, like I'm on the boss on on the dawn like I can buy everybody drinks.

And it means nothing to me, even if it means like putting it on his credit card, just so his appearance looks better he's gonna be the person that you go on night, uh nights out with all the time and holidays lads holidays or girls holidays she's gonna be the girl that organizes your trip to ibiza.

This is the kind of friend that you will meet like for a friend of a friend or at work and they're just going to come storming into your life and they're going to be all consuming and you're going to be so like brought alive by them and you're going to be so happy to have them around because they're going to be so much fun.

And but then because they're just like always on the move and always doing new things, they're going to be gone in a puff of smoke.

And they probably won't message you again because you're not you're not of importance to them.

And you don't benefit them anymore and they're just going to leave you high and dry until either they need you again or they're in your vicinity again and they're, looking for somebody to go out with then they'll come like storming back into your life and you'll, probably let them because you're, like, you know what this guy or this girl was a bit of a dick, um, but they're really good fun.

So I'm still going to go out with them.

This is the kind of person that if you are, if you personally are doing really well for yourself and other people know that you're doing well for yourself, they are going to gravitate towards you, because you are going to make them look better and you're going to increase their like status.

So I don't know, I just thought about this like kim kardashian.

She used to hang around with like paris hilton and stuff like that and paris hilton.

I I think I think like kind of like elevated her social status.

And that is what made her so big.

So she see what I mean they're hanging around with people that are better than them to bring them up socially.

But if you then become a down and out or you're having a bad time or you're, not doing as well as you used to do you're of no relevance to them and they're, just gonna be like.

Okay, yeah.

Cool nice.

Knowing you bye.

They probably won't even say, nice, knowing you bye, they'll, just blank you because you don't mean, anything you have no purpose to them anymore.

So if you're friends with this person, if you they they're going to talk you into doing like probably a legal like stiffing like cocaine, down a bra or something like that, or I don't know, it's some kind of illegal.

And if hits the fan and like the phones get involved, then they are going to be out.

There gone.

Poof, smoke, they're, going to know, what's happening because they're so switched on.

And they know what's going on or they'll be able to talk themselves out of it.

And they will blame you.

And they will give no fargs.

They do not care about throwing you under the bus so long as they're like self-preserved, they've got they've got a serious self-preservation.

These kind of people do.

And lastly for this friend, wow, it really sounds like I hate the night of ones, but I don't it's, just I'm just trying to explain like the kind of person they are.

And I bet you know, somebody like this.

I bet you do because we all do, um.

And lastly, for the friends, this is the kind of person that's going to have sex with your partner and then they're going to lie to your face about it like this is you.

This is your best mate that your girlfriend or your boyfriend, and then they're still going to be like, really good friends with you, um and they're, not going to feel guilty about it one little bit the knight of wands as a lover.

If you have been learning tarot for like, maybe a month, probably even less you're, probably gonna know that this card is the boy card.

The the knight of wands he's, just you don't want to see that in a love relationship.

I mean, like put down below if you disagree with me, I would love to hear your your perspective of this.

But um, I would not want to see the knight of wands in my lovers in my in my car in my spread.

And if I've done spreads for people a lot of times, even if I'm not using reversals, because sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't, even if I'm not using reversals and I'm doing a love reading.

This has happened to me twice.

I will pull the knight of wands, and it will be in reverse.

Even though I didn't reverse the cards and I'm like well, that's just a big red flag like this guy's or this girl's, dick he is or she is tinder trash.

They are a one night stand.

They are a ghosting kind of person.

They will ghost you.

And then three months later in the middle of the night they'll be like what you up like what you're up to like do you want to meet and you'll be like you? What? Yeah, didn't, you just ghost like what and they're gonna be so good in bed you're gonna meet up with them again, he's going to be the kind of person that says, all the right things and do the complete opposite he's going to be a cheater.

He is going to be a liar and a compulsive liar.

He will make you feel like a million dollars when he is with you though and he's going to give you all his attention, he's going to be listening he's going to be like actively listening to you and mimicking back to you what you want to hear.

And because he wants, um from he wants to get in your pants.

He wants to get in your knickers, um.

And if he doesn't want to do that there's, there is some kind of ulterior motive, either you look really good.

And you make him, or you make her look really good.

And then on the instagram pictures like people do this they'll get a partner just so that because they look good on their instagram feed, which I've never met anybody like this, but I know that it does happen and that's shallow as um.

But if they if they do fancy you and they do actually really like you they're so defensive, um, they won't let you get close to them they're, not gonna let you meet their mother they're, probably not gonna show you around your friends, uh, they they might keep you around for a while.

And they very well might like you.

But they're, just the knight of wands is just not a mature energy in my own personal opinion.


If you disagree with me write down below, because I would like to hear other people's opinions on this, um.

And the last thing I'm going to say is probably like quite crude, but like your fanny is going to hurt afterwards because you're going to be so much, um and it's just going to be sore, because you had too much sex with this person.

Because this person is very sexually motivated and driven.

Okay, so this video is hella long so I'm gonna get these last few bits in, um, his his or her hobbies traveling around the world.

They really like traveling.

They cannot be in one place for too long, um anything competitive like any competitive sports like rugby, um or football they're going to like doing that or like racing cars and anything flashy and their dress code.

Nothing less than gucci.


If you've liked this video like subscribe, comment.

Thank you very much for watching goodbye.


What does the Knight of Wands mean in a tarot reading? ›

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What is the behavior of the Knight of Wands? ›

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What are the personality of the court cards? ›

In the suite of pentacles, the King represents wealth, the Queen is kind and generous, the Knight is a handsome brooding introvert, and the Page is a happy pleasant soul. In the suite of swords, the King is discriminate and cold, the Queen is malevolent, the Knight is a manger and the Page can be duplicitous.

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Upright Knight Of Wands: Finance

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  2. Shuffle the cards with a question in mind. ...
  3. Before looking up the meanings, decide on one yourself. ...
  4. Pick a deck that speaks to you. ...
  5. Check out a few of the tarot books. ...
  6. Create a ritual for caring for your cards. ...
  7. Sleep on it, literally. ...
  8. Think of tarot card reading as a journey.
Jul 18, 2022

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(1) A judge should be faithful to, and maintain professional competence in, the law and should not be swayed by partisan interests, public clamor, or fear of criticism. (2) A judge should hear and decide matters assigned, unless disqualified, and should maintain order and decorum in all judicial proceedings.

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Reading for yourself is difficult because it is hard to be objective about yourself and often the cards mirror your emotions rather than the truth. Avoid reading when you are in a disturbed state and unable to keep yourself neutral.

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There are no set-in-stone rules about if or when you should get a tarot reading. Many people like to get one to mark significant events (Think: birthdays, breakups, New Year's Eve, etc.).

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Energetic and ambitious, Knights bring news, assistance, and forward momentum to any situation, but they also warn of challenges, burnout, and wasted or mismanaged energy.

Is it OK to shuffle tarot cards? ›

There's nothing wrong with that per se, but you generally don't use a riffle shuffle with tarot. Like with all things related to tarot, there are multiple ways to shuffle your cards. Again, it depends on what you vibe with best. But if you don't know where to start, one common method is the overhand shuffle.

How many tarot cards do I pull? ›

You can pull one or three cards at a time. I prefer to pull three to tell a whole story. Being that we all have different relationships with each card, the connection you feel with it will best explain the information being shown to you. Think of yourself as a painter, using your knowledge as the brushstrokes.

Should you shuffle your own tarot cards? ›

Reading your tarot cards can be as simple as asking your deck a question, pulling one or more cards, and then interpreting the potential answers they hold. But before you pull your card(s), it's a good idea to clear the slate from past readings by shuffling your deck.

What does the Knight of Swords mean in Tarot reading? ›

The Knight of Swords is often taken to represent a confident and articulate young man, who may act impulsively. The problem is that this Knight, though visionary, is unrealistic. He fights bravely, but foolishly.

What does the Knight of Cups mean in Tarot reading? ›

The Knight of Cups is a person who is a bringer of ideas, opportunities and offers. He is constantly bored, and in constant need of stimulation, but also artistic and refined. He represents a person who is amiable, intelligent, and full of high principles, but a dreamer who can be easily persuaded or discouraged.

What is King of Wands in playing cards? ›

The key meanings of the King of Wands: Authority figure. Financial gain. Honest and trustworthy.

Is the Knight of Cups related to health? ›

Health (Upright)

The Knight of Cups suggests that your health should be improving in a health reading. When awaiting test results, it is typically a sign that they will be favourable or at least better than anticipated. This card should emerge soon, making you feel better.

What does 1 cup mean in tarot? ›

This tarot card signals the start of something beautiful when it comes to new relationships. When it appears in a tarot reading, it's your cosmic sign to tap into your heart and let your emotions lead the way. Make decisions based on what FEELS right, rather than what makes sense logically.

What tarot card is King of Cups? ›

The king of cups card usually depicts a mature man who appreciates the finer things in life such as music and art. He can be warm-hearted and kind. The image usually has some reference to the sea or water, water being the element connected with the suit of Cups.

What is the weapon of knight? ›

Throughout medieval Europe, swords were the chief weapon of knights and mounted men-at-arms. In times of peace, however, generally speaking only noblemen were allowed to carry a sword in public.

Why did knights carry swords? ›

Swords. The sword was an especially powerful symbol for a medieval knight. It was the weapon used to give him his status as a knight in his initiation ceremony, it had usually been blessed by a priest, and the shape of the blade and handle was often used as a crucifix for prayer.

What is the most powerful king in cards? ›

The king of hearts is sometimes called the Suicide King because the sword he holds behind his head might be visualized as being used to stab himself in the head.

How do I do a yes or no tarot reading? ›

To read the results, look at the sum of all three cards - each will have an answer of yes, no, or neutral. If all three indicate yes, then the strongest possibility is the answer is yes. If two are yes and one other card isn't (either neutral or no), it is likely the answer will be yes.

Which king is powerful in cards? ›

The king of hearts is one of the most powerful cards in a deck of cards.

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