Twin Flames - Learn Tarot Series 🔮 Five Of Pentacles (2023)


Twin Flames - Learn Tarot Series 🔮 Five Of Pentacles

This series is designed to assist you on your twin flame journey by assisting you in learning to read tarot to the best of your abillity by using your intuition and trusting in the messages you receive from your guides.

Tarot can help you to lead a life of peace, healing, love and abundance and to excel spiritually even during the hard times on this journey and to be able to give this energy and mindset to others.

I chose to do this series to share a bit of love with the world and to continue on the Learn Tarot series already in my playlists.
I hope you enjoy each message and they bring some joy, fun and power into your day 😇

Decks Used in this series

💛 The Radiant Rider Waite Tarot
💛 Twin Flames Message Tarot by Liz Harrison
💛 Twin Flame Tarot Made Easy by Liz Harrison
💛 Divine Masculine Message Tarot by Liz Harrison
💛 Divine Feminine Message Tarot by Liz Harrison

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Hello, everyone and welcome to learn twin flame tarot.

So today, we're doing the five of pentacles we're gonna look at the card together and then come back and talk about it for twin, flames the five of pentacles, another sign of change with the number five.

So things are changing.

And when things change in our lives, we can get very afraid of that because we're stepping out of our comfort zone.

We don't know what to expect.

We don't know what to do it's again that fear of the unknown and that's.

Why this car really follows on well from the four of pentacles, because the four of pentacles is the need to let go.

And the five of pentacles can be what could happen if we do let go.

So the five of pentacles can sometimes indicate the way that we worry and the way that we create fear, and we blow things out of proportion within our minds, the fear of abandonment, or the fear of losing something or someone the fear of missing out on something and being afraid of being left in the cold in the snow, you know, being afraid of missing out on all the goodness that we want to create.

And you can see there, he seems to be hobbling along and he's looking up as well.

So this is about remembering that we are always supported.

We are always protected there's, nothing to fear.

And everything happens for a reason, even when we break our leg or something comes in that, maybe you know stopping us from moving a hat, it's delayed with love it's happening to slow us down.

So we see things differently.

So we understand things from a much higher point of view.

So we learn lessons and grow spiritually, and we gain spiritual insight.

So there's always a message, especially in this card to trust your intuition and go with it and try and see the bigger picture and understand why these things may be taking place right now, especially if there's chaos, but that chaos is being created within our mind, because it doesn't matter what's going on outside of ourself inside of ourself.

We have the power to harness our truth and to remember who we are, and to know that we are safe and protected.

And that change is guts that change happens to grow our soul and make us stronger.

So when we get the five of pentacles, don't fear, anything, don't, fear or struggle.

If you've got time to worry, you've got time to pray call an archangel.


He will give you the strength.

You need to keep moving forward to get through the storms of your mind and the storms of your life.

You can see when the five of pentacles comes into a reading there's, some kind of worry around and that's, the word really for this card worry or fear.

You know, fear of lack fear of being left behind fear of abandonment fear that we're missing out on something good fear that we're being left out in the snow in the cold weather, you know, fear of is it actually going to move forward too, you know, it's what I'm really seeing in this is, you know, the the light and in this church, you know, with the pentacles it's kind of where you may feel it's all going on.

You know, imagine that you're thinking about the muscling with their karmic partner or with their family or with their friends.

And you know, you're kind of imagining in your mind with the ego.

You know, the edges, the goodness out and brings in fear that they are having a wonderful time.

You know, the five of pentacles kind of brings the energy in of a situation where we wish it would be different.

So maybe you're thinking about christmas time.

And I know how hard it is when your twin is with someone else at christmas time.

You know, I went through that too.

So you know, imagine that they are spending christmas together.

So in our minds, we blow it out of proportion, you know, we think it's like we see on films or on the tv, where you know, they're all under the tree and it's all beautiful and lovely and they're drinking eggnog and it's, all warm and lovely when in spiritual truth, it's, not like that at all, you know, usually there's arguments going on or there's loneliness, or you know, they're just there because they feel they have obligations or responsibilities.

So the way we see it is everything because we do create it sometimes in our minds a lot different than it truly is because we've seen it differently.

So the five of pentacles first of all is a reminder to come back to the now, because if we are creating worry, then we are usually blowing things out of proportion.

We feel like we're missing out on something.

We feel like we're the one with the broken leg.

Okay, which means that we are, you know, missing out on what's meant for us.

And we can never miss out on what's meant for us.

So with this energy, this is what I feel.

You know, this is the divine feminine worrying about the journey worrying about what the masculine is doing or not doing.

You know, worrying about if the master is going to make the move, or if they're actually happy right now where they are and you're being reminded it's, not actually like that at all.

So if we've got time to worry on this journey, we've certainly got time to pray.

So instead of worrying ask the angels for help, and you know, feeling like everything's coming at us.

You know, in this card as well.

I see this like a snowstorm, and you know what it's like when you're walking through a storm and the wind's blowing and the snow's coming, you feel like you're walking, but you're, not getting anywhere.

So you may also feel like you're, not getting anywhere in this connection when the five of pentacles come up.

And you may be worried about that too thinking.

Well, I've been on this journey for years and years, and it doesn't seem to change or I just feel like I'm banging my head on a brick wall, or like they're, always two steps behind me, or I don't understand what's going on.

So really when we get the five of pentacles it's about needing clarity and using the third eye and the senses and the feelings to see through the physical reality or the physical world, or even what we are creating our in our mind because remember thoughts become things.

So if you're focusing on how bad everything is then you're going to get more of that coming into your life, you're going to feel that more if you focus on how good everything is for you, then things will improve for you because remember, you know, you may be thinking about them spending christmas time with people, but they guaranteed thinking about you spending christmas time with people.

So for the divine masculine for the world, they may seem to have the perfect life.

But behind closed doors, they feel abandoned.

They feel like this.

They feel lost.

They feel alone they're in struggle.

They're worrying about everything.

So when we get the five of pentacles coming up in the twin flame journey, it's always an opportunity to look closer to loot deeper to see from a higher perspective and to realize there is always a plan.

And that time is not running out for anything in our life, because we can't miss out on anything that's, truly meant for us.

So for the feminist perspective, he says, I now know why it could never work out with anyone else and that sometimes scares me, because maybe you've thought about having christmas with someone else, or maybe you even have spent christmases with other people.

But they've just not felt right or it's, not been the same.

Well, remember when you're looking at the mask and who seems to be having a ball on social media at special occasions, or you know, even at the weekends or whenever they're spending time with family or friends, they are actually feeling lonely, and they know that it can't work out with that person because their heart is with you and the masculine saying, I'm healing, deep wounds of abandonment within me.

So when the masculine seems to be walking away or pulling away or distancing themself or ghosting or blocking you or ignoring you and you're feeling left out in the cold like you're doing something wrong or something's missing remember, don't, take it personally, you're doing everything right? You've triggered something within them that they need to heal and that's.

The core wounds from childhood abandonment feeling, left alone, feeling lost.

And I went through this too, you know, because as a child, I had a very loving mum and dad, but they were very busy people.

You know, my dad was away working for business.

He was always busy with his stuff.

And my mom was, you know dealing with that.

So she was drinking.

And so I had a lot of time because my sister was eight year old.

My sister is, and we say what she's eight years older than me.

So you know, she was doing her own thing.

And you know, she was never really around.

So I had to make my own entertainment.

You know, I made bases and thoughts, and you know, talk to invisible friends, who were possibly the angels, even back, then, you know, so even back, then I was learning how to be independent, but it left me with a deep wound that needed to be healed within me.

And I thought it needed to be healed from others.

Others giving to me what I thought I was missing.

And it was really about healing the self.

So that's what we learned.

So the five of pentacles is a bit of a wake-up call from heaven to stand up and be you and know that you are a fighter and that you are a victor of your reality, nor a victim of it.

Because when the five of pentacles come up, sometimes we're in their energy of poor me, poor me, everything's bad in my life, it's, not working out my twins doing this or he's doing that.

So we can blame, but we have to look at it closer and know that what really we're going through is just a reflection of what's going on within.

So we have to heal that first.

So the five of pentacles is a message of healing and a message from the angels to say, look deeper at this things are not always what they seem fight for who you are know, yourself, remember your power because you can never miss out on what's, truly meant for you and you'll never be left out in the cold.

In fact, god is saving you for something magical and special.

And the best is yet to come.

I hope this helps have a great day and I'll see you soon.


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